My Favorites

August 18, 2011

I have been so hooked on baseball this blog has been ignored.  My life is bust but at some point I want to this to help people and to do so I’m about ready to share some of my favorites with you that have to do with my diabetes
FAVORITE SNACK UNDER 20 CARBS: Well, my favorite would have to be a small brownie made by my mom and remember, you can have a sugary snack if you make it a small portion size.  But a snack a diabetic can have that is good is a granola bar.  I have had a range of snacks from pretzels to 100 calorie packs but have never grown tired of a granola bar, and a Quaker Chocolate Chip has just, get this…15 carbs so it’s perfect at ANY time.
FAVORITE DIET SODA POP: Let’s face it if you were diagnosed anytime after 7 or 8 you probably love pop, so here’s a ranking of my favorite diet soda’s…

  1. Pepsi Max
  2. Diet Mt. Dew
  3. Diet Dr. Pepper
  4. Coke Zero
  5. Diet Pepsi
  6. Sprite Zero

Pepsi Max tastes awesome and Diet Mt Dew is good enough for a former Mt. Dew addict.

FAVORITE DIABETIC COMPANY: I’m biased but I will say Animas and OneTouch because they do such a good job on my Ping meter and pump it’s awesome but Bayer is a great brand for newer users or those who want to keep it simple.

FAVORITE NO CARB FOOD: It would have to be cheese, meat or nuts and I’m going with the meat group and going steak, with a little A1 you have a GREAT meal for around 5-10 carbs which leaves room for a vegetable(If you like them, unlike me), Corn, Mashed potatoes, Biscuits, Milk, etc.

Another idea for those you get thirsty and don’t want water is Crystal Light, Vitamin Water Zero or Propel Zero.



November 16, 2010

This blog is going to be spotty but I will post more and more and make it an everyday thing, soon.  Here’s what is goin’ on…

  • Getting an Animas pump and will be wearing it by Thanksgiving.  I think it’s the best pump and it has tons of cool features.  I think we will learn quick and it will all be normal quick.  The shots just hurt too much sometimes and my pump, the ANIMAS PING is going to cover everything.  Now I can eat a bit more at times too.
  • I have gotten a lot of checkers lately and I would have to say my favorite out of the Contour, One Touch, and FreeStyle Lite I like the one touch.  All of them are good though.  The Contour lancet device just hurts too much though.
  • An item I would like to recommend for the diabetic kid in your life is a SportsKids Diabetes backpack.  It holds everything in one.  I just got it yesterday and I think it’s amazing.

That’s all for now…Se ya next time.

My I’m Back Post!

October 27, 2010

I AM BACK!  I’m sorry about not writing a lot has been happening and I intend to run this blog and run it good and long.  Let’s start with some diabetes stuff though.  I just went up north on a weekend vacation this past week and got pretty nervous and my blood sugar went skyrocketing up.  I was at 400 which made me more nervous but everything went fine and now I’m here blogging to you.  I went up to 400 on nerves though and when you do that you get more nervous about going up, I hate that.  What I’ve learned since then though that my long-lasting Lantus insulin would prevent anything bad happening.  So I’m not gonna worry anymore about high sugar it happens and sometimes you just can’t go down for a while, so what’s the point?   Another thing that happened is my blood sugar stayed crazy and I was anywhere from 90 to 400 in a few hours.  I think this was because I am coming out of my honeymoon stage and we just had to figure out a solution for my insulin.  We ended up finding the solution and I’m running good now., so another thing not to worry about because it happens!  I really can’t wait for my pump though it will make it so much easier on me, my family and my diabetes.  We also will have less problems.  So, I had a good week learning about diabetes. 
Till Next Time,


Why I love Pumps

August 26, 2010

I am going to get a pump as soon as the doctor lets me and this is why:

  • I can have a higher carb food but just every once in a while
  • No More Insulin Shots!
  • It’s easier on me
  • All the awesome features it has

A pump is made for what I want, it will make life easier on me and it will help in so many ways, I recommend a pump to any diabetic.

Predicting Sugar

August 12, 2010

I usually have fun and guess my blood sugar before I take it and what I’ve learned is I’m usually with in 10 points of being right.  As soon as you feel low you should test yourself is what I’ve learned out of my sugar so far.  Predicting sugar is fun but effective, it can help you limit your test to just when your sugar is out of whack, but the middle of the night is a different story.  At first you have to wake up a million times to make sure everything is okay, but that’s a different story.  I like predicting my sugar and it helps a lot, so I will probably do forever.


August 11, 2010

I’m going on a trip soon and thought that tonight I should talk about packing.  The one thing I’ve been told a thousand times is everything is going to be fine but that’s not going to stop me from worrying.  We just got a 1,000 test strips and 1,000 lancets in the mail and we have a backup Glucometer.  The thing is I’m worried about the highs and lows.  Flying could mess everything up and so could the mountains.  Through this I have to be strong though and I’m going to be.  It is a possibility nothing will even happen in the first place.  I just know one thing now- always to be prepared, keep everything plus more and that’s what I’m going to every vacation.  I even know the closest diabetes hospitals where were going.  I’m going to have fun on this trip but it’s going to be a new adventure with my diabetes.

My First Two Weeks

August 10, 2010

Well, I had been showing diabetes symptoms for a while and we knew something was wrong.   That’s when my mom called her best friend who also has a kid with diabetes.  My blood sugar was around 500 and ketone level was high so up to the ER we went.  They took blood and said it was most likely diabetes.   My biggest fear was dying but once I got into the ER room that went away.  Soon my emotions changed to what is my life going to be like and I was very scared.  Later that night we knew it was diabetes and they transferred me to Peds.  I was still very scared but I felt a bit better when I was welcomed to the room with a Pistons hat and a TV set.  I had a good stay at the hospital as far as learning goes.   I already understood my new diet, how to check myself and how to take Insulin shots by the time we left.  I was very happy to leave the hospital though.  The hardest part since leaving has been getting used to this disease and dealing with my highs and lows, getting up at 3 AM most nights to chug down eight ounces of orange juice and not being able to eat any single time I want, even if I’m starving!   I have had to learn how to like apples, bananas, and orange juice since then, which was hard since I’m very picky.  At times, though, I don’t feel like I even have this disease until I hit a low after running around.  I think I am getting used to everything now and I realize how important it is to feel my highs and lows and to eat all my food.  Basically I have to eat so many carbs or else I will feel terrible  ( like I want to throw up and get real sweaty).  Right now I just have to keep a positive attitude, adjust and be normal, which won’t be easy at first.